About Us


A young loving married couple with a common interest for good and beautiful things and a great spirit of initiative, we have decided to gamble and realise a dream we have long nurtured: open a ‘place’ of our own where we can cook with smiles and passion for friends and acquaintances.

A Home Restaurant is a explosive experience for us, that ‘pinch of salt’ necessary to give gusto to our life together.

...Our motto is

“Cooking is like love, either you give yourself to it entirely or give up”

But if it is true that you are part of where you come from, we can only consider ourselves lucky and thank God for the beauty and wealth which makes up our background: Apulia and Campania a unique combination of beauty, sun, sea, culture, enjoyment and excellent local produce which we hope you will experience when you try our delicious dishes.

The idea of a Home Restaurant came to us while reading an article in “The Millionaire” about the new trends of “Special Houses” in Cuba and also, with success, in Italy. We thought of the numerous occasions when we had invited friend to our home and above all their appreciation of our good food and our small but very special home. A hospitable apartment both comfortable and pleasant a combination of country style and shabby-chic which, according to our friends has a romantic aura about it. Looking out from our balcony you can enjoy unique scenery where sky, mountains and sea are all one, presenting colours and sensations which are unique. Someone on contemplating this beauty wrote “your gaze looks out on infinity…” “in football terms, just the scenery makes the ticket worth it” ☺

Bearing this in mind we said to each other, “why not open our home to perfect strangers? Why not share this piece of heaven with others? Lucky enough to have a kitchen garden tended by our parents with zero kilometre or better still zero centimetre produce but above being able to count on the assistance of an expert chef, Carmine, Adriano’s father, who worked for over 40 years in hotels and restarants on the Amalfi Coast and on the island of Capri, we felt we had to embark on this adventure wholeheartedly.

In our Amalfi Coast Home Restaurant every lunch or dinner will be different, home-made pasta, bread baked locally, home-grown vegetables from the chef’s garden and delicious perfumed lemons; nothing is left to chance. All you need to do is choose what you would like to eat and the wine to go with it; local wine from local producers from the province of Salerno make from delicious, certified local grapes or excellent wines suggested by Adriano, a first level sommelier and wine lover.

Your satisfaction, your enjoyment especially of our food will be our priority.

If you like we can organize groups of people who haven’t met yet but who would like to exchange ideas, interests and passions whilst experimenting a new way of getting to know our surroundings.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to our home for an alternative evening with good food, excellent music and, hopefully, our company. We hope that you will be appreciate our cooking, a good glass of wine and wish you Buon Appetito!