A home, especially its kitchen, is said to reflect the soul and spirit of those who live it.

Never more such an appropriate phrase to express our concept of the hearth: not simply a place but a culinary principle.

Unique attention to detail, the detail that shows the love of our everyday rooms, a reflection of joy that pervades the feeling of home ... sweet home. With just a pinch of heart, and there we are, no dwelling has ever been so special!

Starting with the kitchen: a small space but with great attention to detail. The stove unit is strategically placed on an island overlooking, on one side, the splendid Amalfitan Coastal landscape and, on the other, the dining area.

The terrace is off the dining area and allows us to share feelings, emotions, aromas and tastes with our guests. A homely kitchen, a sea view, so conducive to the chef’s work. We have designed this kitchen personally thus making it unique and priceless. Ceramics, glass, textiles, pastel textures in a pleasant choice of modern design: shabby and country-style with typical Italian taste. Our crockery is in Vietri ceramic consisting of brightly coloured plates, bowls, jugs and cups.

The Terrace

Dinner is served on the terrace overlooking the sea and is the icing on the cake of our home restaurant.

The blue sea, the green of the Mediterranean and terraces planted with citrus and chestnut trees, will strike you with disbelief making our dishes even tastier. There are three tables which can seat between 6 and 8 diners, on a patio of Vietri ceramic tiles in keeping with the dishes. In breathtakingly romantic candlelight and with accompanying jazz music you can spend a couple of pleasant hours in complete relaxation.


The Dining Room

On cooler evenings, no problem ... We move into the dining room where the elegance and sophistication of typical Italian taste combines perfectly to the unique and original setting.

Classic furnishings inspired by the timeless language of design, give a new slant to our day-to-day living.

Tradition combined with homeliness decorate every corner of the home, a house that does not need labels to feel unique.

A style that never goes out of fashion thanks to the finishing touches, total white decorating and suggestions of antiques. Paved stone floors, ceilings with large wooden beams and crystal chandeliers and, on cooler evenings, we light our large stone fireplace to kindle your hearts with gently cracking logs.

So all you really need is in this classic, homely atmosphere, a combination of casual and chic, where you can feel, appreciate and share the love and affection of our cosy home.